#6 No School

I’m not in school right now.  I have two pesky semesters between myself and a diploma.  But I still get amped when summer vacation arrives.  Work feels more carefree, sleeping in seems like the thing to do (regardless of the fact I’m awake by six no matter what).

I work where a decent bulk of my interactions every day are with people on vacation.  School not being in session makes every day appear happier in some way.  Sometime shortly after mid July this feeling fades in favor of socializing and new pencils.  But for now, let’s enjoy the assumed freedom of summer break.

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#5 Iced Tea


Large mason jars of iced tea.  Easily in my tops ten summer essentials.  After the morning coffee is finished it becomes iced tea time and that runs until bedtime.  

I’m literally falling asleep as I try to finish this and I’m cutting it short, therefore more tea for me tomorrow!

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#4 Summer Haircuts

kid hair cut

One sure sign that summer has arrived is the freshly chopped locks on boys.  Excess hair makes you hot and I imagine that losing a ton of it during the summer months makes your head happy.  I can only imagine as I have always had long hair.  Though each spring I imagine chopping off my long red hair and donning a pink spiky do.  I’ll actually never do this as I’m scared of hair cutter’s remorse.  Perhaps if I were to be given a large sum of money, on a dare, I could do this.  Hey, Someone start a go-fund-me account and when it hits ten grand I’ll go under the shears.

Until then, I’ll just enjoy the fresh buzz cuts on cute little kids and dream about what hair freedom feels like.  Happy short hair season everybody!

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#3. No Homework

I never really liked summer for the lacknof school.  School never bothered me (exception, 8th grade.  The only year I ever experienced really cruel mean girls).

Melissa what’s-her-face aside, I liked school.  Didn’t always love the homework though.  So on this day of loving things about summer I’m gonna celebrate no homework.  I’m thinking about having no homework because I have about no time remaining to finish this and get to sleep for work tomorrow.

Toodles.  May your next few months be assignment free!

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#2 Window A/C

I live in a log home with no central air (or heat).  You want to get hot in the winter or cold in the summer you do not have the option of using the thermostat.  I grew up in a climate where the temps got very very very cold and also rather hot with added creepy humidity.  I only knew how to change the temp in the house with the dial thermostat in the living room. 

I thought every home was wired with one of these puppies.  Then I moved into my first apartment and learned that you don’t always get to pick a magic comfort number and the home obliges.  Sometimes you have to turn the heat up and down and same with the loud blowing box in your window to cool the house.  While luxury and status may favor the home with vents and quiet, I have come to rely on the whir of my window a/c to sing me to sleep a few months each year.  When I wake up after a night of such bliss I’m greeted in the morning with a chill.   It doesn’t last as I then turn my electronic cooling devices off until the steamy air resumes to save cash. 

Those chilly comfortable nights because of you, dear a/c, make my life complete.  Thank you.   

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#1 Lavender Lemonade

Its still hotter than Hades, and shall be for awhile.  So for day one let’s celebrate a  beautiful Summer drink, lavender lemonade.  A few weeks ago I added this to the menu at my work and the response has been phenomenal.  At first I was hesitant to even try it for myself.  Lavender and lemonade sounded better suited to be the scents of my laundry soap than something I’d consume.  Thankfully I got over my fear and tested the beverage for myself.  But I mixed it up a bit and made it adult therefore it really is a winner.  Here’s the recipe


Buy a bottle of Monin lavender syrup.  You will have to visit a cash and carry style store that caters to restaurants and coffee shops, get the pump that matches it as well.  Then get some lemonade (the real fresh squeezed variety, Country Time will not do), club soda, and vodka if you’re in the mood.

Get a glass that holds about 12 ounces.  Add two pumps of lavender syrup, a shot of vodka, three ounces lemonade and three ounces club soda.  Top with ice and BAM!  Summer in a glass.  I call it Purple Rain and I sing it when I’m drinking. 

If anyone wants to share other great summer drinks, alcoholic or not, please do!


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90 Days of Summer

As of tomorrow there are ninety days remaining until Labor Day, the unofficial end of the worst season, summer.  I hate summer.   I unfairly hate people simply named Summer.   I loathe being hot, can’t stand relying on an A/C for comfort and while we do have Independence Day, the season is seriously lacking in the strings of holidays other seasons boast.  I also live where it’s often too hot.  Today it was 102 degrees.  Barf.  I don’t want it to be summer, but I also don’t like to be a glass half empty sad sack.  So let’s celebrate this blistery time and search for something each day the season is with us to enjoy. 

This was near the hottest time of the day.  Today was a sweaty mess, but I’m starting early with a bonus thing to love, as the sun is down and the outdoor oven is turned off.  Our bonus day is; Cooler Nights.  It may still be 83 degrees outdoors, but it feels like heaven after today.  I’m sitting on the porch right now, as the air is still thick inside.  As bad as the heat gets the reward of a cool night feels amazing.  They’re like a neatly wrapped present, all crispy folded and a simple bow. 

Hip hip hurray for cool nights.  You’re fabulous.  Here’s to ninety more times of the sun setting on the heat!

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