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Crap, I failed. And Band-Aid.

I didn’t make it far into the month.  Everyone got sick and then I forgot I made a pact with myself to write daily for a month.  And now that I have remembered I have nothing to say for today’s entry.  I can tell you about my day.  You can be my diary…

Today I worked far earlier than the crack of dawn.  After work I cleaned my house.  After cleaning my house I joined a gym, that was fun.  It’s been awhile since I did the workout thing.  So I feel silly amongst fit persons, but that will fade as I shape-up.

Then I came home, did my duties around the house and remembered that I hadn’t written.  I also realize I’ve been home from vacation nearly a month and have not done any posts on what I did.  And the holidays are in full swing.  I have no excuse.  Blog entries are coming again soon.

Total change of subject: How ’bout that band-aid song?  I liked the first one, it’s cheesy, but a classic.

The second seems weird.  The song is no better or worse.  But it feels like it’s trying to force a classic song on us.  Also, I don’t know who these whipper snappers are.  Except, is that Sinead?

And of course, there’s Bono.  I have had a undying crush on the Irishman since I was twelve years old.  Don’t bash him, I defend my men to the end.

I just hope the soft rock radio stations that fill us with Christmas music throughout the season don’t replace the classic with the new version.

Nobody wants that.

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Sick Girl Day 2


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My Best Girl is Sick

My soon to be three year old girl has a fever and a sour attitude.  One of the cutest things she says is when she’s extra sleepy and she tells me, “Momma, you’re my best friend.”  I always let her know that she is my best girl in response.

I’ve been doing absolutely nothing other than holding my best girl since I got off work today and I have no time for a real post.  So tomorrow I’ll be back with something fancier.

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Fifty Days Until Christmas!


That’s right.  Only fifty more days of memories to make for the best season of the year.  It’s time to carpe diem the pants off Christmas.  I do recall quite some years back when I gave you 100 Things to do Before Christmas.  It was a great list, I revisit it each year and try to make sure and knock off a few.  The tree will make its way into my living room on my next day off.  And I’m listening to this right now.  I haven’t made a single plan yet this year, but here are a few things I need to do before the 26th of December.

Go to the theater

I rarely go to the movies these days.  This is very different from my life when I lived in cities.  I’d go to the theater every week or two.  I never missed a movie I wanted to see.  I always loved the theater best in he winter when there are large cardboard displays of Christmas movies that I may not be seeing, but are nice to walk past.  And leaving the building when it’s bitterly cold and you know it’s going to take half the ride home to heat the car up is always a great way to jolt yourself awake after being in a comfy dark theater for two hours.

Buy Presents

I’m an adult and I have many kids in my life.  So the gifts are all about them, and the look on their faces when they open something I so badly hope they enjoy.

Thanksgiving and THE Parade

It’s when the rest of the US decides to embrace the holiday.  They’re not like us, the don’t have Christmas on the brain and in their blood all year.  They have a rule that we must wait for Turkey Day to pass before we get our jingle bells on.  But I am so grateful for when they join me in the season of red and green.  Welcome.

Buy Some Candles

I only have one pumpkin candle remaining and then it’s onward and upward to spruce and snowflake smelling wax.  Not sure how they decide to flavor a snowflake candle, but if they make them I will purchase.

25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family

HERE IT IS!!  The only time of the year to watch ABC Family channel is almost here.  They hit a home run with December 1st, and I may have to stay up past my bedtime to watch it all.

I guess it’s likely I’m the first person to tell you this in 2014, Merry Christmas!  Fifty days is not that long, let’s start celebrating.




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I Voted the Crap Outta Today


I made certain I woke up a little earlier than I needed to today.  I hadn’t yet opened my mail-in ballot let alone researched a single thing about today’s election.  I firmly agree with the tired cliche’ that you cannot bitch about politics if you don’t vote.  And being as I enjoy a good bitch fest, I knew I needed to get on it as far as this years election was concerned.

I read the ballot, I looked up a few facts, I voted.  I probably only voted on a third of the things I had the opportunity to, but I did not vote in any of the uncontested elected officials votes, which were half the ballot.  I skipped a couple of the referendums, because I did not feel well enough informed.  But dammit, I voted.

 While I’m not gong to be a cheese-ball and break out in song, I do feel good about voting.  The more I learn about politics, the more I realize how much the more localized elections affect my life and my money and the potholes on my street.   I actually get a say in what the people in my part of the country represent in our nation’s capital.  I got to vote on whether I agreed with a new hospital coming to our little town.  I voted on gun’s rights and school issues and taxes.  By golly, they will count those votes and at some point on the television tonight while the news anchors are announcing voted, one of the votes will be MINE.  I will be ON TV!!!!!!  See that?  I voted=I’m famous!   Nevermind, this is really important.  Let’s sing:

I love you Neil. 
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All Work and No Play

allwork and no play

I have two jobs.  I like them both.   If I work both jobs I end up with around forty hours per week of work.  But I work in jobs that need fill-ins several times a week.  If someone asks me to be a fill-in, and I am not going to be out of town and don’t have any other obligations that cannot be changed, I always accept.  Always.

One week last summer I ended up with seventy hours in one week.  It was murder.  I understand that you or someone you know does this every week and I am nothing special.  I get that.   But I only want to work at best forty hours in a week.  I have three kids who I’d like to see grow up.  I have hobbies that deserve more of my time.  But I have this fear that if I say no to an employer, they will go somewhere else and get a yes from another employee which will make me less valuable and likelier to be disposed of if employee disposal becomes necessary at some point in the future.  I know what it’s like to not have a job and need one, and I never want to experience that again.

Today was the perfect example of my personal issue of being a yes-woman.  Mondays are my Fridays, and Tuesday and Wednesdays are my weekends.  I work a nice brief shift Monday mornings.  Near the end of my shift I was asked to come back after a few hours break and do the later shift.  I said yes.  While I was on my late shift, my other job called and asked if I could work on both my days off.  I said yes to this as well.  So now I have no two day weekend for a dozen days, and this is completely my choice.  I will likely be asked to work on my next weekend and I will likely say yes to that as well.

The point of this whole ramble is that I am going to find a way to say no to people who request things of me and still end up as though I am not letting anyone down. And when I do I am going to crochet a giant blanket.  I have a large amount of yarn I have been neglecting for years.

ugly blanket


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