Top 7 Things About This Season’s Seahawks

7.  This

shermancrabtreeThis is why the Seahawks are in the Superbowl this Sunday.  Including a phenomenol season, this moment where Richard Sherman stopped a touchdown from being scored effectively ended the game and bought his team a chance at a ring.  After the play, he flipped out and screamed and a media circus followed.  When I was watching the live interview I thought, “What did he say?  What just happened?”  And after a week of hearing and learning more about Sherman, my opinion of him has softened.  He’s pretty cool.  I’m glad he’s a Hawk.

6. Stretching Our Balls

During the Monday night game against the Saints, a ref came on to announce what I thought would be a penalty.  I was wrong, he was only stretching his balls.  I realize how juvenile it is to find great humor in this clip.  But I do.

5. Marshawn Lynch Does a Commercial for Beacon Plumbing.

Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, the media shy man who was fined 50,000 dollars for not giving interviews   (which he now may not have to pay) did a commercial where he rips a toilet out for a grateful family who needs plumbing assistance.  So we don’t get to hear him talk about the plays and the games, but we do get to see him in the commercial breaks.

4. Seattle Edition Skittles

lynch skittlesSpeaking of Lynch, he likes to eat Skittles.  Fans shower him with skittles as though it’s confetti.  Skittles have come out with a special edition Seattle Mix Skittles.  This is one of the greatest sports endorsements I have ever seen. The bummer is that you cannot go to the store and buy them, they will be handed out at promotional events.  Somehow I am going to get my hands on a bag, hopefully not at a ridiculously inflated ebay price.

3. Russell Wilson


He’s young.  He’s short, for a quarterback.  He’s great.  And if his offensive line can protect him properly this Sunday I really think the Seahawks will dominate the Broncos.  He’s so awesome that he’s too big for football and will appear on a MLB card this year.  I’m thinking and hoping he will be around for many more seasons.

2. Pete Carroll

Pete_CarrollPete Carroll is kinda goofy.  He’s pretty calm for an NFL coach.  But the man built a Superbowl bound team.  I think Carroll would make a good uncle, Uncle Pete.  The only job he ever held outside of football was selling roofing supplies, and he was terrible at it.  I like the concept of a guy who makes a terrible salesman.  Go Uncle Pete!

1. The 12th Man


Ive lived about half my life in Washington State.  About half of my residence in the state was in Seattle.  If you have spent more time there than I please correct me, but Seattle fans have never come across as loud and rowdy to me, quite the opposite.  That is, until the past few years. The rise of the 12th Man in Seattle football seems to have rapidly grown to the point where other teams fans consider us awful and obnoxious.  That’s OK.  The 12th Man seems to have a fantastic impact in games. 

I’m clearly excited about this Superbowl.  Last time the Seahawks were in it I was living in Minneapolis, and they lost.  While I absolutely believe they have a great chance of winning this weekend, and don’t hate me for saying this, of all the teams they could play against in the Superbowl this year I am glad it’s the Broncos.  I like them, and they have had a record book season.  I won’t be rooting for them and I plan to say awful things in heated moments about Peyton.  But IF they lost, there’s not another team I would rather beat them.





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Those Wacky Grammy Awards

I don’t often sit down to watch award shows. Usually I don’t know enough about the shows, songs, or movies represented to care much. However now that I mother a two-year-old girl who literally begs me to turn on music because, “I WANNA DANCE MOMMA!” I often find myself with top 40 music blaring from the TV and a pants less toddler using my living room as a disco. Knowing I was familiar with most of the music being celebrated Sunday night I settled on the couch waiting for the fun.
I’m certainly not blinded into believing most acts on the show are much more than the flavor of the day and may be forgotten by next year. But I’m also not bitter because some indie acts didn’t rise above the fluff and capture all the moments to be had. Pop music is just that, popular. The industry is of course often manufactured and blah blah blah. Let’s just talk about what happened, what was funny, weird, awful, and awkward shall we?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

These two are the current king and queen of pop music.  So they sit in the front row, and have perfect veiw and Beyonce’ wears perfect dresses on her perfect body and they’re raising their perfect child in what I assume is a perfect mansion.  While I am sure they do have personal trials I don’t know about them.  Get a zit, or something, Beyonce’ so I know you are not a robot.

Oh, and they performed a song together.  It was fine.  The strip dance routine many female artists do bores me some, in part because I’m a straight female as well as the lack of imagination involved in choreographing most of them.  But she does have a great voice, which not all Grammy performers can say about themselves.

Ringo Starr

Are we supposed to give this guy a pass because he was in the Beatles?   ‘Cause he can’t sing.  It was karaoke at a bowling alley bad.

Kasey Musgraves


I never knew this girls name or what she looked like, but I have heard her songs before.  I think she is probably more talented than her performance showed on this night.  But that outfit.  Loved it.  Some people go glam and gorgeous for award shows and some go in costume.  She chose to dress like a lampshade from a 1970′s roadside motel.  Her boots even had twinkle lights.  I’m not a country fan, but I like her songs enough that I’d keep the country station on long enough to let them finish.  Nice to meet you , Kasey.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, she’s OK.  But if you are going to preform a song and you are kinda boring, you should do it like she did.  The costumes and the set and the dancing was all really well done, I thought.  Skip to about 1:45 and watch a nutso flexable dancer get all twisted like a street performer’s balloon.

Taylor Swift

She sang a song.  She looked beautiful and sang well.  It was as exciting as vanilla ice cream…until she started backwards headbanging.  I guess she knew it was forgettable which is why she added her moves.  Above is Conan O’Brien’s take on what happened.

Stevie Wonder was there!!

I can only handle electronic music in small doses.  But your chances are greater that I will listen to your song if you add Mr. Wonder.

Other performers were Chicago (I love them) with Robin Thicke (gross), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and others sang what I feel is a terrible song with a wonderful message.  I really hate that song, I wish it were a poem or had a different tune.  People got married  during that song and the Modonna came out and sang poorly while falling over.  Did she get injured?  I’m being serious, she looked hurt.  Also, Metallica did “One” which made us all feel old and embarrassed for Lars’ lack of talent and ability to find a barber.

I’ll end with what I felt was the most disappointing albeit superficial item of the evening.  Lorde.  I like her.  She’s seventeen freaking years old and she’s amazing.  On top of her talent she’s cute.  But giirrrl!  Your dress was awful.

lordes grammiesThis was a good time.  Thanks for recapping music’s biggest night with me.  Please understand I will likely not be covering The Oscars as I think the only film I saw in theaters this year  was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.

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Over Analyzing Mr. Belvedere

mister belevedere

I hate current television sitcoms made  for kids.  In fact, I block The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc. from our channel line up simply to avoid shows I believe to be obnoxious.  However I posses a kid who loves TV.  In order to allow him age appropriate viewing I search around the internet and find old shows from when I was a wee lass.  We have watched lots of things like Punky Brewster and 227.  Recently I found all 117 episodes of Mr. Belvedere (commercial free!) on YouTube.

I absolutely remember sitting down to watch Mr. Belvedere when I was young.  It wasn’t one of the sitcoms I never missed like Cosby Show or Growing Pains.  But I definitely remembered all the characters and the premise.   I took the show for what it was back then, but now I have some  serious questions for ABC.

Why on earth does a distinguished butler with ties to the royal family of England apply for a nanny job in a Pittsburgh suburb?  Also, Mr. Belvedere worked for Winston Churchill.  He may not be royal rich.  But I can only assume he doesn’t need the piddly salary and unglamorous title of housekeeper to a relatively boring family. was he really getting newspaper ads across the pond, scouring for this one opportunity at mediocrity?  I just don’t get it.


Second, why are half the characters so boring?  The Owens family, who Mr. B works for, are very typical.  That’s OK. It’s a suburban family with not many troubles and decent kids.  Mr. Belvedere is interesting based on the fact that he’s British and polished and not used to the household he joins.  He has a lovingly abrasive relationship with both George (the dad) and Wesley (the youngest son.)  The conflicts between Mr. B and these two really carry the show, because Marsha (Mom), Kevin (oldest son), and Heather (daughter) are boring as dirt.

Marsha is going to school to become a lawyer, something she put on hold after having kids at an early age.  She truly enjoys the nurturing aspect of her role as mom being taken away by Mr. Belvedere so she can get some extra homework done.  While this may seem as a sexist view and maybe you think I ought to shut up and let Marsha get her degree already, that’s not it at all.  Over and over the kids come into a problem in which Marsha simply stands back, remarks at how she always sucked at helping the kids anyway and makes Mr. Belvedere tend to their needs.  George doesn’t utilize the housekeeper in the same fashion.

Kevin is painted as simple minded.  He never understands his follies until the last minute of the episode when he suddenly has a moment and it all makes sense in a perfect sitcom lesson learned.

Heather is as generic as they come.  A boy crazy, cheer leading, phone talking teen who constantly is coming to the realization that she’s not yet ready to go all-the-way with whatever boyfriend they throw in for the episode.

We’re then left with George and Wesley as they only two characters with any interesting dilemmas with the housekeeper, which is what makes the show work.    George has his ever present facade of dislike for Mr. B, yet still manages to get sloppy drunk with the guy when Marsha bails on their romantic date.  Wesley tortures Belvedere constantly for sport but he understands when Mr. B returns the torture in a valuable lesson.

Tonight we’ll be watching an episode somewhere in the middle of season three, which means there’s still three and a half seasons to go.   After researching some (Yes, I researched Mr. Belvedere for my own personal knowledge, to share with you) the show was based on a book from the 1940′s which also turned into a few movies back then.  Possibly those movies and the book will shed light on the origin of Mr. Belvedere’s Pittsburgh choice.  I could assume Mr. Belvedere is really a Mrs. Poppins type.  He just kinda blew in with the wind.

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Here we go!

christmas paintI had done nothing to kick off the holiday season.  So I made this masterpiece.  We just got a working laptop, which I will hog fully.  The Max peeked over my shoulder as I was MS Painting and said, “Awesome, the new computer has PAINT!”  If I downloaded Minecraft he might let me walk next to him in the halls of his school.  Max is twelve now.  So he is much hipper than I.   Psh, yeah right.  He can’t buy beer.

Come back tomorrow and see if I’ve posted something special about one of the many super fun upcoming holidays.  OK?

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Things From the 90s That Should Return (And Things That Should Not)

I saw a magazine article the other day titled something like, “How to dress 90s”.  This means I’m old.  The 90s were my decade.  I spent middle school, high school and a few years of college within this quickly changing decade.  We started with Walkmans and ended with Napster.  In the early 90s I had pen pals who sent me real letters with stamps and at the end I had an email address.  I think it would be completely fun if we talked about what should return in the comeback of the 90s and what should not.  Shall we?

Should Return: Twisted Hair Buns

hair buns

Gwen Stafani did these well.  They were so easy, and supposed to look messy, so if you had to pull a sweatshirt over your head the results worked for you.  I would gladly accept this trend back into my life.

Should Not Return:  Heroin Chic

heroin chic

The desire to look unhealthy and addicted to a terrible all-consuming drug is easily scoffed, but it was a fad.  Please stay in our history silly trend.

Should Return:  Oasis Songs

I don’t really care if Oasis comes out with any new music.  I do feel their songs were intelligent for top 40 music.  I’d like to have those old songs invade current radio as though they were new.  But I won’t listen to any MTV news stories about the brothers’ fights.  Get along boys or go to your room.

Should Not Return: Pacifier Necklaces

rave necklaceApparently you were supposed to wear these to gnaw on when you were taking some drug that might make you chew up your tongue.  Can someone confirm this for me?  Either way, I never thought it was cute, just annoying.

Should Return: Platform Shoes of all Kinds

spice girl shoesSporty is too active for the style, but the rest of those Spic Girls are rocking unnecessarily tall platforms.  I liked this concept.  I’m also short, so…

Should Not Return: Shiny Metallic Clothes

nsync-1So, the internet was new to most of us.  Cyber fashion soon followed.  Were we trying to look like the inside of our Compaq Presarios?  I was a serious offender.  If a metallic purse or shiny pair of pants came into my vision while at the mall, I often bought it.

Should Return: Dresses and Boots

dress with booysLooks at me!  I have a pretty, sweet and flowered dress.  I’m also going to kick you with these combat boots!

Should Not Return: Beanie Babies

beanie baby octopusI once saw a kiosk at the mall with beanie babies priced as high as 795 dollars.  This is plain dumb.  I don’t blame anyone for liking them, they were cute and all.  But the price people paid for them is and was absolutely insane.  Especially considering the prices skyrocketed a couple years after they came out, as though they were rare and old antiques.

Should Return: Grunge

grungeIt was music as well as clothing.  And it was easy.  T-shirts, flannels, comfy shoes?  Yes please.  The whole grunge era really took up only a few years in the 90s, but it seems to be what many think of when the decade is mentioned.  It was a great relief from the skin tight jeans and florescent shirts of the previous years.

Should Not return: JNCO jeans

jnco girlSadly, I had many outfits that looked just like this.  I have no excuse.

Should Return: Better SNL

snl 90sMany who enjoys Saturday Night Live have their favorite cast or season.  Some of you like other eras over this.  But you are wrong.  I’m gonna say roughly mid 80′s to mid 90′s were the best years.  But the last half of that ten year period has never been topped.

Should Not Return: Snow

I have no idea what he’s saying, turn that noise down and GET OFF MY LAWN!

Should Return: OK Soda

OK SodaI’ll never stop dreaming.

Should Not Return: OJ Simpson

OJ Mug

For years, we had the privilege of hearing how the murder trial was going for OJ.  We watched and re-watched the car chase.  We saw him try on a glove over and over.  We learned who Johnnie Cochran was.  Everyone formed an opinion on the trial.  When they read the verdict live on TV my teacher stopped class to let us watch.  So many hours of so many lives wasted worrying about this man and his life.

Should Return: Chat Rooms

aol-chat-rooms1There’s still chat rooms out there.  They are not used as they once were.  So many sites had a chat room attached to them in the late 90s.  A/S/L?  Remember that?  Remember talking to one or two people in a room where thirty or forty people were also having conversations?  That was funny.  Let’s do that again.

Should Not Return:  Dial-up Internet

Never again.

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Hot fun in the (I hate) summertime!

Here we are, in the heat of summer.  This is the seventh annual Summer Sucks post I have posted, and I have nothing more original to add than I wrote so many years ago.

Summer heat around here, it sneaks up on you.  It’ll be in the eighties, you can handle that.  You like a little warm sun on your shoulders.  Then before you have a chance to enjoy the eighties it’s a hundred and five for a week straight and all your green bean plants look like dehydrated skeletons. I hate it.  I start dreaming of autumn.  I start planning trips to Walgreens to buy scented candles with flavors like “Hayride” and “Ghostly Apple Spice.”  I get excited.  I love hating summer and waiting for the first cold day in September.  I love when the leaves die and change color.  I love football and back-to-school and Halloween and Thanksgiving and I get more excited each year waiting for shorter days and writing run on sentences like this about the lovely time of year that is coming OH SO VERY SOON!

Oh, and before I forget, let me plug The Max’s blog.  He was spending so much time learning code.  I have no idea why he decided to learn code, but he did.  He was making web page after web page and he told me he wanted to make a blog like mine.  So I showed him how.  I carefully walked him through opening an email account and a wordpress page and then he exploded on his own, writing post after post.  I had to intervene and let him know that he must ask me before he posted anything.  Why?  He is eleven years old and has no filter.  He was writing about off the record comments that I and Mr. Pilver said jokingly and while they were funny to him, they might be taken the wrong way by CPS.  Also, he loves ending sentences with prepositions and I hate that.  I had to stop that.  Anhow, visit MrMaxMan .  He checks his stats very often and he would love a comment if you feel the desire.  Again,

Back to the seasons.  Here is the forecast for Los Angeles.  Not bad.  Happy warm fun.

LAHere is the forescast for Pilverville.  Still not bad, but this is the cooling trend.  Likely won’t last very long before the hell on earth temperatures begin again.


So, it’s hot and we garden a great amount.  Here is a picture of the leftover canning jars from last year we need to consume so I can have room for canning our new crops.


One of the first crops to be canned are pickling cucumbers.  We grow the cucs and the dill ourselves.  In addition we add our own garlic and hot peppers.  I don’t love the hot pickles, but the pickled garlic, meant to only add flavor to the flavorless cucumbers is the greatest thing.  We, as a family, fight over who gets to eat the cloves of delicious dill soaked happiness.  I am going to grown more garlic in the future, just for the pickled treats I get to enjoy later.


Here Is a bunch of cucs ready to be pickled.  As you can see, one of these things is not like the others.  One is orange.  One needs a fixing up like you have likely seen before on other blogs, and I am going to copy fully.  One needs to be a…


PICKLELANTERN!  I’m terrible at jack-o-lanterns as well.  But this carved cucmber holds the promise of harvesty fall happiness.  It’s a good pickle.   If waiting for fall is not your thing then you must instead love winter. Enjoy this next photo.  This is from the iphone app I paid nothing for and treasure greatly.

xmasFriends, Christmas is coming.  Only 152 shopping days remain.  Seize the day.

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Happy 6 Blog Years!


I didn’t make this cake. It’s too hot for baking, so I stole it off the net. But last week The Pilver turned six! If this were a child, it would be in Kindergarten. If it were a dog it’d be 42. Somewhere between kindergarten and 42, that’s where we are folks. Stay tuned for more rambling and complaints about the heat. And thanks to the people who still come here and read :)

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